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The Sydney Morning Herald

Retirement will disappear like the fax machine
The Sydney Morning Herald
My children and I were born into different technological worlds but one thing we have in common is none of us had heard of a fax machine until our early teens.

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In digital era, railways still using fax machine
The New Indian Express
Availability of fax machine at the public places has drastically declined, following the technological advancement. But, divisional railway is still using fax method for accepting emergency quota letter for processing the reservation, R Kirubaivaran ...

The Union Leader

Joe McQuaid's Publisher's Notebook: Faxes, phone booths, and a fast changing world
The Union Leader
Number Two Grandson, Mike, is a very good reader for his age. Actually, he would be good for any age and there are times when I wish he would work a few shifts on the copy desk. Older readers are persistently pelting me with pleas to improve our ...


Inventing the future: from fax machine to TV
Having already invented early electric clocks and made important contributions to the electric telegraph, in 1843 Bain invented what was basically the first fax machine 33 years before a patent was even given for the telephone. His technology for ...

Donald Trump's armoured car to debut at inauguration | Newshub
Donald Trump's inauguration will also be the public debut of his new limousine: complete with emergency blood supplies and a tear gas cannon. Mr Trump's ...

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Hartford Business

CT attorneys, businesses seek legal payday with junk faxes
Hartford Business
Ever get to work and find a stack of unsolicited advertisements waiting in the fax machine? Most office dwellers likely toss them into the recycling bin without a second thought. But an increasing number of companies, including some in Connecticut, are ...

The Daily Dot

It's 2017, and 2.1 Million People Still Use Dial-up Internet From AOL
The Daily Dot
The fax machine may seem like an artifact of the '80s and '90s, but thanks to the aforementioned internet connectivity issues, they're still popular in professional offices. Simply put, more people have access to a telephone than the internet, meaning ...

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